Friday in Santa Fe

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Breakfast at CC with Jon. Afterwards I shopped at two local greenhouses for pots and dirt (((to be mixed with lovely black dirt from my compost))) and plants. Remembered that my mom always had geraniums on our balcony and decided to plant a number of pots with them. No rush though… we had more snow in the afternoon and experienced two blackouts during the snow storm. Yes, the UPS in my studio work well. Everything stayed up and running. (((what a studio needs: 1. isolation transformer – so you don’t hear when your neighbor turns on his table saw, 2. uninterruptible powers supplies – so that a blackout or brownout doesn’t take your computer down, 3. a solid sync clock – because a computer is not a solid enough timing-device! Jon uses the Big Ben and I have an Aardvark. Three of the most important basics, so often overlooked!)))

In the afternoon I worked on cover ideas and did a bunch of house-keeping – e.g. determined ISRC codes for the new songs, catalog number for the album and so on and on…

In the evening, more snow…
No need to look all the way to Japan…

Sushi eatery accused of selling whale to close –
A trendy California sushi restaurant says it’s closing after being accused of serving illegal whale meat.

The company that owns Santa Monica’s The Hump restaurant had already apologized for the whale meat accusation earlier in the week.

The restaurant’s Web site said: “After 12 years doing business in Santa Monica, The Hump will be closing its doors effective March 20, 2010. The Hump hopes that by closing its doors, it will help bring awareness to the detrimental effect that illegal whaling has on the preservation of our ocean ecosystems and species.”

The investigation into the eatery began in October when two members of the team that made the documentary, “The Cove” visited The Hump, officials said.

“The Cove,” which exposes the annual killing of dolphins at a Japanese fishing village, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary earlier in March.

Armed with a hidden camera, two women from the documentary captured the waitress serving them whale and horse meat and identifying them as such, a federal criminal complaint said. A receipt from the restaurant at the end of the meal identified their selection as “whale” and “horse” with a cost of $85 written next to them.

I had read about restaurants in Japan experimenting with horse and deer sushi. Why you ask? Because tuna and everything else is over-fished and the supply won’t last very much longer. As a result chefs are looking for new things to stick on a bed of rice.

I am not sure what is sadder, that whale is offered or that customers order it.

Rhythmic cycle w/ abstract animation by Renaud Hallée
(Via the music of sound)
Santa Fe has a great art-supply store called Artisan. It used to be on Canyon Road, but moved to a larger place on Cerrillos Road. I went there after breakfast and bought a few plain cards with envelopes, crimson colored ink and a steel nib (((in German nibs are called Federn – meaning feather or quill))). Resolved to create my own cards this year.

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  1. Brenda

    The Sonar video is a wonderful teaching visual of communication, it makes me think how positive speech creates great ideas. Thumbs up to your cursive hand writing! Art that should not be lost. :)


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