Friday Repeat

02010-03-12 | Music | 4 comments

This is a repeat from last year.

Here is what I worked on yesterday evening. It’s unfinished and a work-in-progress – already have new ideas and changes I want to make… It’s for the re-release of The Santa Fe Sessions next year. While we didn’t change In the Arms of Love much for the re-relase last year, I do want to play around with TSFS and see what happens. Check out the beginning, and ending of this version of Heart Still/Beating. It’s the arpeggio guitar from the song, processed by Jon. The alchemy of sound. I love the feeling of silence, when the processed arpeggio ends and right after the guitar chord of the intro starts.

You can download the 320kbps file here.


  1. Matthew

    This is a terrific song. I especially like the end, which was a little surprising but very nice.

  2. Brenda

    Oh my goodness, love it.

  3. Ulrich

    Great – silence in music is always very difficult, but nice. In this case I think there could be 1 or 2 more seconds of silence . . . . . . -:)

  4. Panj

    I think the beginning and ending make a perfect loop connection…the entire song took my blood pressure down big time…:-)…Good Medicine!


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