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Playing around with fonts on my laptop last night:

Maybe I will look for a traditional calligrapher in Santa Fe. It would be nice to have this written/designed by hand. In my mind that would fit with the music, which eschews many of the modern recording techniques.


  1. Carol

    I like the first and third one. They’re light and “sing.”

  2. Brenda

    Just a thought…A Design with hand written/design of POP in the center of the art surrounded in a circling fashion of different fonts leading outward would use these fonts that you are creating to show all the unending possibilities of being open to the listener of this music that was created for the listener. Unending musical creation. In other words use of all of them. :) Just my brainstorm mode… one continuing circle of POP ,,,

  3. Adam Solomon

    I agree somewhat with Carol, though I’m not sure about the dots in the first one. The third one is probably my favorite, though I like the idea behind the lettering of the POP in the fourth. It just feels like there is something off about their exact shapes… The problem with the third is that it seems too… predictable.

    It’s a fine line between being traditional and being cliched. The best art comes not from eschewing tradition or from following it to the point of dullness, but from building on it, keeping its essence while adding something new and distinctive to it. The first two paths are generally followed by the unoriginal (including, somewhat unintuitively, those who make an effort to ditch tradition in favor of their own completely new system) because to meaningfully add to a tradition is so damn difficult.


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