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neo bohemia – bicycle

Two bicycle sticker designs that I have been working on. Clear stickers with the kanji in either black or white with my red stamp. Thought that they should be presented today.

And here is what the sticker looks like on a biycle:


  1. Brenda

    Beautiful Art for Bicycles – Thanks for sharing with us.:)

  2. LindaW

    Very impressive work! I like the way it looks on your bike!

  3. Victor

    Those bikes look like art. Just wanted to ask you two questions. One what was the mic placement that you like to use to capture you’re playing? Two do have any preference to cedar or spruce on your guitar tops? Just wanted to check in and see your thought. Thanks so much in advance.

  4. Brenda

    There are funds available to make changes for pedestrians and bicyclist at It is worth the pursuit for your community. My community just received 1.9 million for for our Bike and Pedestrian trail that is connecting our community. :) So dreams do come true!

  5. Brenda

    It is call Transportation Enhancement Grants :) under Environment.


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