Tuesday Afternoon

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This afternoon we met at Jon’s studio in Santa Fe. Michael brought the kit he wants to record with. Drums were unpacked:

Drums were set up:

Microphones were set up:

A DM-View of a mike-cable in front of the kick drum (((not a good place to pass out)))

Drums were tuned:

I love hi-hats and Michael has an especially nice pair (((and is a great hi-hat player!)))

Another DM-View. Agua, sin gas for him, con gas for me.

View through the control room door, while Jon was recording a bit of the drumming.

Michael’s back, as he was listening to the sound of his drums. He was pleased. Jon used only 5 microphones and it sounded excellent. Strong and yet very natural.

Two out of those five mikes were trained on the kick. Gotta hava a great kick sound, especially in a trio!

Finally, successful microphone placements were measured and recorded.

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  1. Brenda

    Thanks for letting us in on the excitement. Good succession of photo’s with captions to tell the story. This is cool.


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