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East and West collide and madness ensues as pink postcards and confetti rain down from the sky, while Tigers roar and fireworks explode in every corner…

foodconsumer.org – Chinese New Year 2010
The first day of the Chinese New year 2010 is Sunday, Feb 14, 2010 – the year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese Zodiac.

The Chinese New Year does not follow the western calendar and the fist day of the Chinese lunar new year can be any day between late Jan and mid-Feb. It is said that the Chinese Zodiac which designates the lunar new year cycle was introduced by Emperor Huang Ti in 2600 BC. Thus the year 2010 on the western calendar is the Chinese lunar year 4708.

Happy Valentine’s day and happy new year. Welcome the year of the tiger.

(Thanks for the reminder Y.)

And, speaking of tigers…

Tiger Farms in China Feed Thirst for Parts – NYTimes.com
Shrinking habitat remains a daunting challenge, but conservationists say the biggest threat to Asia’s largest predator is the Chinese appetite for tiger parts. Despite a government ban on the trade since 1993, there is a robust market for tiger bones, traditionally prized for their healing and aphrodisiac qualities, and tiger skins, which have become cherished trophies among China’s nouveau riche.

With pelts selling for $20,000 and a single paw worth as much as $1,000, the value of a dead tiger has never been higher, say those who investigate the trade. Last month the Indian government announced a surge in killings of tigers by poachers, with 88 found dead in 2009, double the previous year. Because figures are based on carcasses found on reserves or tiger parts seized at border crossings, conservationists say the true number is far higher.


  1. Brenda

    Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy New year to you also! Thanks so much for all you do for us at Ottmar friends. Wonderful :)

  2. Carol

    Happy New Year. Son Jeff is a tiger and he fits the description to a T. hmmm, and as a tiger he should beware of Dogs. I happen to be a dog and I haven’t given him too bad a time….yet
    And happy Valentine’s Day. I love you all!
    The calendar is full of fun things.


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