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Carolynn commented on this post:
I appreciate that you know so much about “electronic stuff.” I’m far from being that kind of person, and just reading all of the knowledge you pour out doesn’t quite do it for me. So I have two wishes –

1. I would love to see the systems / set-ups of true audiophiles, like yours, while getting the technical info on how things work. I might be able to digest it better that way.

2. I would love to have an audiophile to go shopping with. So that if money were no object, I could get real feedback from someone who knows what they’re talking about through experience and I could get a kick-a$$ system!

How about this? I’ll assemble some photographs and put together a few recommendations?
Beautiful timelapse by UK photographer Philip Bloom:

Philip Bloom also did this video at Skywalker Ranch:

Interior of a musical card:

Printed circuit boards are a difficult material to process, since they often have no usefulness once they are removed from the electrical component in which they were installed. They typically consist of materials that classify them as a hazardous waste. They must be segregated and handled separately from other non-hazardous solid waste streams. Printed circuit boards that are handled as waste materials must be processed using any one of several available disposal options. Not only are these options expensive, they require a significant amount of effort and handling by the generator. Furthermore, since some of these disposal options do not include destruction of the waste circuit boards, the generator also retains much of the liability associated with improper handling or disposal.

And I haven’t even started on the battery. If it is a lithium battery it is classified as hazardous waste, if not it’s just merely bad.

And who assembles these cards? Adults? Kids? Do they have proper ventilation or masks they can wear?

I had to try to “play” the card. Unfortunately there was too much background noise and the battery was too worn out. John Cage might have written a composition for 1,000 used musical cards. Hm, he might have asked for the audience to bring cards to the concert and would have used those, maybe. Wendy Carlos might have programmed some of them with synth-sounds. And after the grand performance at Carnegie Hall the proceeds of the concert could have gone towards getting rid of the hazardous waste (circuit boards, batteries etc.) properly.


Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, for what the world needs is people who have come alive.
– Dr. Howard Thurman, American Theologian, Clergyman and Activist (1900-1981

Read that Facebook made a deal with a coal plant to power their servers. A 10 billion dollar company has to save a few bucks by not using renewable energy. Every time one makes an update a little more coal dust is released… nice.

Facebook Grows Using Coal For Data Servers : TreeHugger
In late January, Facebook announced that its new Oregon data center, the data center farms that create the cloud that brings your friends’ updates to your computer or smart phone, will be powered by a coal plant in Idaho.

But why would Facebook choose to site their new center at a place powered by coal over another place in renewable energy-rich Oregon? Look no farther than cost.


  1. yumi

    Love the music in the first Phillip Bloom video.

  2. yumi

    Now it will drive me crazy trying to think…is that Satie?
    Where is that classical music memory when you want it?

  3. marijose

    Thanks for posting the lovely videos. They’re a nice break from all the snow we’ve been getting.

    Terrible news about Facebook and the coal plant. Electricity from renewable sources costs only a little more than coal power.

    yumi, great music memory you have: it is Satie’s Gnossiene 1, Buddha Bar remix: .

  4. yumi

    marijose: I have never read this version before. It’s nice!
    That would have bothered me for the rest of the day/evening. Thank you so much!

  5. yumi

    Yumi language….”heard” this version. I must be at 100 percent today for typos.

  6. marijose

    There must be a typo bug going around…that should be Gnossienne with two “n”s. :)

  7. Carolynn

    OL – Thanks for recognizing my comment about the “electronic stuff.” If I can’t snoop around your place or go shopping with you, then photos will be an excellent alternative. ;-) I look forward to the lessons!

  8. Carolynn

    By the way, my ipod really likes you today! I have it on “shuffle” and I’m getting lots of OL in between the rest. Thought you might like to know… :-)


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