Thursday in Santa Fe

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Working with the trio is a new way to work for me. Normally I work in my laboratory by myself, arranging the guitars, playing to a click track (((usually a drumloop that has the feel I am looking for))) and by the time another musician, either Jon or a percussionist, hears the track it already has a form, a vibe, a clear definition.

Last week I was very enthusiastic, yesterday I felt it was all uninspired – at least until Jon sent me the audio files from the rehearsal, which put me in a much better mood. Luckily I have a lot of experience with the ups and downs of creative energy. I remember being alternately incredibly excited and incredibly down about the music during the recording of Nouveau Flamenco (((and most other albums I have done)))…

Breakfast at CC. Icicles.

I forgot my camera again, so here is a shot of the Subkick with the phone. Sounds amazing. (((Michael is playing Jon’s drumkit in our rehearsals. When we start recording in a couple or three weeks, he will bring in his own)))

Well, today’s rehearsal went really well. We played through most of the music for he album and added little things here and there. In my opinion it’s always the little things, that we remember about a record – an unexpected chord change, tempo change, feel change and so on.


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