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Ah, drip-coffee is going to be trendy now… see this:

Ristretto | Pour-Over Coffee Drips Into New York – T Magazine Blog – NYTimes.com
As coffee-brewing techniques go, pour over is slow and mannered. It’s low tech. It has a funny name. And yet, pour over is an ongoing obsession within the coffee world. It’s been around for years, though interest has spiked in recent months. It could be because the coffee it makes is so clean, so round and fruity, that you can fully taste all those complex layers of flavor that are supposed to be lurking in the best single-origin and micro-lot beans.

Well, I got you covered!

From left to right: Chemex coffeemaker – they are offered in a variety of sizes. The website has this to say:

The Chemex® coffeemaker was invented by Peter J. Schlumbohm, Ph.D., in 1941. Schlumbohm was born in Kiel, Germany in 1896. He received his doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Berlin. After several trips to the United States, he settled in New York City in 1936. Over the years, he invented over 3,000 items for which he was granted patents. However, his coffeemaker and carafe kettles were his most long enduring inventions.

Beautiful, elegant and in the MoMA.

The filter is also from Chemex. It contains no glue, since it is simply folded, and the paper is unbleached.

Next to the coffeemaker is a drinking glass. It’s made by Duralex in France. They are tough glasses – more than half the time I drop one on the floor, it survives. They are used in many cafes, especially in France, naturally. Just do a search, you can always find them somewhere. I like drinking from a glass, because I can enoy the color of the coffee or tea. If I lived in a small apartment, I would simply not have any cups or bowls or wine-glasses at all, only a dozen of these glasses.

Next comes the best coffee grinder I have found. It’s made by Hario. It’s easy to fill, it’s easy to hold, the grinding mechanism is adjustable (((so you can also grind pepper or seasalt or other spices for you next dinner))), it’s easy to open, and the bottom-glass can be cleaned in the dishwasher. And at $44 it doesn’t break the bank. You do know that coffee beans should be ground and not slashed to bits by a blade, yes?

The last item is a bag of whole beans I bought at Ohori in Santa Fe.

This is the next broadcast tower for Tokyo. See this post from last November. The Tokyo Sky Tree will replace the Tokyo Tower and should be completed next year.

Now off to the studio to mix another track for you… I am feel a bit of Lava coming on…


  1. Brenda

    Oh my, you are Salesman, yes, an Entertainer in all aspects.
    Fun to read. It is nice what you do for these companies. Personal referral is worth more that marketing dollars spent on other media. Awe yes, I like coffee, so good to get that facts from an expert witness. Thank you.

  2. Ottmar

    Brenda: if I was a good salesman, I would perhaps find a way to get a few pennies for my referrals, but I don’t and I prefer it that way. So maybe they aren’t referrals at all, merely recommendations? :-)

  3. Brenda

    Much more – Testimonial :)


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