Tuesday Music

02010-01-19 | Music | 5 comments

Here is another preview of a tune destined for the next album. Jon named the mp3 Up Beat Thing and that’s the name that ended up on the setlist for Florida.

It’s quite different, and yet at the same time unmistakable, I think.

There will be downloadable versions of this tune in the coming weeks/months, but for now – please no downloading. (((and there are some rough edges in this version that I would not want to be heard outside our circle)))


  1. Victor

    I love it its upbeat and fun

  2. Matthew

    Sounds like jazz. Just kidding. :-)

  3. Panj

    I loved “Tuesday Music and it will be interesting to hear the evolution…also Loved the Birds playing, I think animals do love Music and respond to it!
    Your’s and Johannes Linstead’s Music are a staple in the horse barn, both to exercise to and to dine by!
    Thanks also for the reminder of the impermanence of thought…:-)

  4. yumi

    Thank you for the preview into the new music. It’s great to try something new and different, it’s so important.

    Looking forward to the concept as a whole: the beautiful photo/s (?), creative title and of course, there is the music! Very exciting and it brings anticipation into the new year.

    Best wishes!

  5. Jason

    My Daughter sat down on my bed while i was listened to this new track and she asked…”Is this a Christmas Song?” …With Christmas still a recent memory for her i guess i can see why she found a connection to the songs upbeat nature …She loved it and so do I! Cheers


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