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Connecting this and this:

I see. We are already in full knowledge of the fine details of how to carry open bottles of alcohol in the state of New Mexico. Monks on cargo bikes knowing the sake laws of New Mexico… hmmm, I guess I should not be surprised.

Yes, I admit it, I have befriended bartenders and know the rules, but I do not know whether the cargo bucket of a bike would be considered equal to the trunk of a car according to the laws of New Mexico…

Now, you should let your eyebrows grow out so the snow can have something to gently land on, while you lean on your new bike and drink warm sake in the snow…

I used to groom my father’s eyebrows. They grew fiercely. Sometimes snowflakes did land on them. I would keep looking at them, will they melt, will they hang around. How long? Let’s make a bet.

It would be damn hard to capture, but would make a great album cover. Standing beside the orange Bullitt, maybe wearing this hat, the white Accord guitar case (((empty, of course))) in the cargo bucket, covered with snow. One hand on the saddle, the other lifting a steaming wooden cup with sake… maybe we’ll need a trash can fire, too, they are apparently very popular in Hip Hop videos.


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