Ideas Evaporate

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Ideas are ephemeral and like wispy smoke signals from the depth of one’s mind. Two hours ago I wrote another song. Very catchy is was and I thought it had great potential. Alas, I have now forgotten it.

Luckily I subscribe to recording all ideas, if possible. Tomorrow I can listen to the recording and continue…


  1. Brenda

    Yes, oh my, sometimes I have scrambled to find a pen and paper just to jot an idea down before it, yes, I like that word you chose “Evaporate” within my being and before it becomes a visible taste to the world in sight or sound. I am sure it is captured within someone else, in time, but where or whom? Yes, like wispy smoke signals, in circles of constant change, within our open vision our idea disappeared; and we as humans are unable to duplicate the surprise occurrence of communication.

  2. yumi

    That would be the cue to sit by your “sekiyu sutobu”.
    Take that kettle of hot water to pour into the tea cup with Dragon Well tea leaves that awaits you, as you scratch your head trying to catch that idea…

  3. James

    What equipment do you use to record your ideas? I have been looking for something to capture the occasional “moments of brilliance” on guitar, without having to set up a bunch of gear.

  4. Brenda

    Awe yes, but the beauty of wispy smoke signals would be as they rise, in the horizon, over the mountains; you would have no idea of the creator in the distance but only a brief moment to just gaze at the wonderment of it all. Awe yes, kind like a Up Beat Thing. :)

  5. Adam Solomon

    I hope when the song develops and eventually gets posted here, you’ll link back to this post so we can REALLY see the development from the beginning! :)

    Do you find ideas most often come to you when you’re playing guitar, arising out of the improvisations, or in your head, so you need to try to keep it there long enough to find a guitar and bring it out?

  6. Carol

    and when sense I almost have an epiphany (uh huh) about the universe, eternity, what it’s all about,or something I want to do even… my mind is so excited, it shuts down. Ah well.
    I’m happy you’ve been able to hang on to s much come from the blue music.


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