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I keep the watering can for my indoor plants under the kitchen sink. The water I wash rice with, I pour into that can. The water from boiling or steaming vegetables gets poured into that can as well. Water from steaming Broccoli needs be used quickly, or it may stink up you kitchen after a couple of days. Quite a bit of vitamins in that water… must be good for my plants – they seem very happy. I also empty tea or coffee leftovers from the pot (((no milk))) into the watering can – and of course coffee grounds. Plants like to get high, too, you know!

I don’t shave my head, I buzz it with a beard trimmer about once a week. I have tried several different models, and this Philips/Norelco Beard Trimmer works the best for me. I trim my beard and my top hair with it. I don’t actually shave very often as my face is sensitive and well, I don’t have to. I don’t shave my head because I find that shaving uses too much water. I suppose, depending on one’s skin, one could get used to shaving the top hair fairly dry, but that doesn’t work for me.

Another reason I don’t totally shave my head is that I find that it says: I may have hair or may not have hair, but I am not going to let you know. It’s my secret! To me that has a certain amount of vanity in it. (((nothing wrong with vanity – I can enjoy it in other people but it doesn’t work for me.))) Especially those guys who have strong hair growth and end up shaving twice a day so that their head is still a perfect Q-ball in the evening. No less vanity than getting that perfect haircut once a month I suppose, but I never liked that much either.

I trim my hair once a week, because at Kanzeon in Salt Lake City I learned a few years ago that Zen monks in Japan shave their head once every five days. Why? So they don’t get attached to having a perfectly bald head. And, I do like observing and experiencing how my head feels and looks different every day, until it gets cut back a week later. Like a lawn in the Summer…

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  1. yumi

    “Zen monks in Japan shave their head once every five days.”

    It is not about being perfect, but practical and about impermanence/aging.


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