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First rehearsal (((on January 4th))) of a new, and still untitled, piece for the next album. We played it in Florida this past week. For the new album I am writing music that can be played by the trio, without using overdubs or additional musicians.

Please, no downloading.


  1. Matthew

    Terrific! Sounds a bit like jazz.

  2. Luz

    Ditto on what Matthew said…I too heard the jazzy side.

  3. Panj

    What a wonderful piece to go to bed on…danke sehr to all you guys!!!

  4. Rambila

    This piece is beautiful!. I loved it, because gave me peace, happiness and harmony,that i need in this moments. but a lot of patience for wait love.

    Ottmar thanks for continuing to write for we.

  5. Ottmar

    Personally, I am done with thinking in terms of Jazz or Flamenco or World Music or Rock. I’d rather describe a piece as being grassy or effervescent or woodsy or propitious (((had to throw that in…))). :-)

    It seems to me that the “old” categories are melting and dissolving into interesting new elements… maybe with the exception of Jazz, which seems to have been in 1960’s museum-mode for years now.

    That said, I set out to write pieces that are specifically designed for my current trio and that are “Pop”, whatever that means. (((I will explain some of this soon…)))

    The working title of this piece, by the way, is Beckish…(((we needed some kind of temporary title for the setlist!))) I think maybe we associated it with Beck, circa Blow by Blow or Wired – especially the way the music shifts into the verse.

    Anyway, I am not dissing you comments of “Jazzy”, I am just giving you my own impression.

    The Setlist for Miami and Orlando was:
    Three Days Without You
    Santa Fe
    Heart Still/Beating
    La Luna
    Sao Paulo
    Serenity on Ultra Cloud
    Nu Bm Rumba
    Up Beat Thing
    Morning Arrival in Goa
    Up Close/2 the Night
    Two Sisters/Duende del Amor
    Samba Pa Ti/Barcelona Nights

  6. Matt Callahan

    I should dig out Blow by Blow. Haven’t listened to that in a very long time.

  7. Luz

    I like that “Up Beat Thing” psuedo title. Would’ve loved to hear “Serenity on Ultracloud” live. Actually, you’re right about labels/categories, as your music is much more than New Age, Latin, Jazz, Flamenco, etc… Years ago, I saw a Cirque Du Soleil show and their program read, “If it could be explained there’d be no need to see it” and with your music/tours, I say, “If it could be explained there’d be no need to hear it/see it”. BTW, For the holidays, I gifted two Spanish Sun Cd’s and one friend wrote back, “wow, what talent”!

  8. Brenda

    Applause for Tuesday’s Rehearsal Tune, yes because I was listening with my new Ear Buds and I choose to revisit the Categories of Music (53). YEAH! Yes, I visited one of my favorites.

  9. kaz

    ‘Tuesday Music’ Ciao a tutti! Chalk up another hit my friends..love it! Lets say good bye to categories, limitations, and hello to freedom and music without borders! :)

  10. Brenda

    Nicely said Kaz! “Hello to freedom and music without borders” Like it!

  11. Ottmar

    Luz: I should post the first rehearsal of “Up Beat Thing” next week!

  12. Adam Solomon

    But can we get a promise that the title to “Up Beat Thing” won’t change when it gets put on the album? ;)

  13. Adam Solomon

    Sounds like an interesting concept to the album, BTW. No backing guitars at all? I found it curious the first time I saw you live how you had this way of basically playing rhythm for yourself (this was in 03, no rhythm guitarist on the tour), will be nifty to hear an album like that.

  14. Ottmar

    Yes, Adam, that’s my plan. We’ll record as if it were live. That doesn’t mean that I won’t have a section somewhere during which I play rhythm when we record the band and I’ll overdub a solo later. But, for the most part the album will be tracked all at once and I will combine melody and rhythm.

    As for “Up Beat Thing” – can’t promise that. Jon tagged the mp3 of the rehearsal with that name and that’s what ended up on the setlists as well. But, I will attempt to come up with something a little more poetic, if that’s possible… :-)

  15. Molly

    fabulous – love it! i, like many of your fans patiently await your new sounds. namaste.

  16. dave

    Post-categorical music. I am digging the trio.

  17. dave

    Matt, I listened to Blow by Blow just last week.

  18. Matthew

    I agree, categories have dissolved into a nearly meaningless way of organizing things in the world. Doesn’t change the fact that the song is excellent.

  19. stephen duros

    Love the new piece. Great chord changes. I really like it when a chord change comes in and it makes me go, “oou, didn’t expect that”

  20. Ottmar

    Thanks, Stephen. I agree, it’s best when it has something familiar and something a little unusual… hm, I like food and people that way as well.

  21. Mark


    I’ve been a backstage member for a few months and have thoroughly enjoyed the very rare experience of an inside look at one of my favorite artists. I’ve dowloaded all of the available “Monday musics” and they’ve made a number of long plane flights more enjoyable. I see that you only make the last couple of months available for download though. Though clearly selfish, I’m hungry for more! Is there a way to access the older Music Archives? Lastly, thank you for continuing to pass through Boise, ID. Your last show at the Knitting Factory was absolutely terrific! – Mark

  22. Ottmar

    Mark: I understand your point and appreaciate that you are enjoying this space. Please check out this post. All the older tracks will become available again this year, as they come back into circulation. The reason I don’t just make all tracks available at all times is that I don’t think it would be fair for someone to barge in on a one-month subscrition and download the whole entire catalog of 50+ pieces of music and disappear. But, since this space opened in February of last year, those tracks will become available again in just a few weeks.

  23. Mark

    Thanks for the explanation Ottmar, makes perfect sense. I plan on sticking around for a long time! -Mark


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