Sunday in Clearwater

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I don’t remember how this popped into my head:

What is your pearl? We all have sand stuck in our shells, hidden from others and usually from ourselves, too. Over time, will it become a pearl or will become something unpleasant, an itch you can’t scratch or a tumor?

And look, Santa Fe is in the news: in the UK and locally. Groan.

This looks cool! I am guessing that the floor paint is highly glossy and the VW has been cut to look like it is under the liquid…


  1. yumi

    “What is your nacre?”

  2. Ottmar

    I had to look that one up. At first I thought you were telling me I had misspelled something…

  3. yumi

    If you don’t say the word out loud softly, it sounds like you are clearing your throat.

  4. Panj

    Love the Bug…:-)))
    …may our Pearls be formed from Grace!


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