Wednesday in Miami

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Long travel day. Left Santa Fe a little before 08:00 and arrived in Miami around 21:00.

Interesting stuff happened. After checking into our flight in Albuquerque I observed a woman talking on her mobile AND pulling two wheeled bags – one at a time. It was very entertaining to watch. She calmly continued her conversation while moving one of her bags about six feet ahead. Then she would go back to drag the other bag forward by those six feet plus another six feet. I kept looking for a hidden TV camera, as this seemed like a joke.

I would have told the person on the other end of the phone that I would call them back, or one could have used a headset, but no, this lady kept talking with the mobile in one hand and dragging her luggage slowly, but surely across the airport. And she seemed perfectly content.

The flight to Dallas was completely full. I had a window seat in the emergency exit isle – yeah for leg-room! The person sitting in the middle seat was one of those people that quickly takes control of both armrests. A little later, I looked over and noticed he was asleep. He was drooling and spit had reached all the way from his mouth to his lap. It was amazing – a perfect glittering band… As I contemplated sneaking a quick photo with my iPhone, he woke up and I quickly looked out of the window, pretending I hadn’t noticed anything.

Then the plane from Dallas to Miami developed mechanical problems while on the tarmac. The captain turned around and returned to the gate. He announced that some valve wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do, but a mechanic could just close it by hand… but then this turned into a 90 minute delay, with the full plane sitting at the gate.

We arrived in Miami at 21:00 and made it to the hotel by 22:30. At this point we were all starving. The hotel’s restaurant was due to close at 22:50, so we hustled and made it just in time for a fabulous meal.

Night view – handheld at 2500 ASA:

Morning view:

Well, we are happy we made it here and everyone is really looking forward to play. A TV station wanted to film our first concert tomorrow, in Miami, but I don’t want to deal with camera men running around the stage on the first night so we turned down the request.


  1. Brenda

    Much nicer then my window view of Miami last spring. Enjoy Miami, Ottmar.
    P.S. – Your writing just keeps getting better and there seems to be a harmonious tone for you in 2010 that was not there at the beginning of 2009. Oh my, must be that emotional telepathy you mentioned. :) “Yall Have Fun in Florida”

  2. Thomas Faes

    Hi Ottmar.

    Great traveling stories. Thanks.

    The shadows on the lower photo tell me where is East.
    Funny. Things always take a new twist, when I’m aware of
    the true directions.

    Neujahrsgrüsse aus der Schweiz.
    -7 Grad, wenig Schnee.

    *There’s a new song on my Myspace, called ‘Fearless’. My motto for 2010.

  3. Scott

    Hi Ottmar,

    As always, thank you for sharing your insights. My wife and I attended your August 2008 concert in Denver, Colorado, and it was an amazing experience for us. The setting at the cemetery pavilion was intimate and perfect for our first in-person experience of your live music. We have been ardent fans for years and my wife was recently able to collectedly endure the all-natural (no surgery, painkillers, or other medicine–despite her father being an anesthesiologist!) birth of our first child in March 2009 in large part by listening to your music during labor (particularly The Scent of Light, given our personal connection to the music from the concert in Colorado).

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much your music and talent have touched our lives. We are bringing my brother and his wife to the concert in Orlando tonight and can’t wait–we’re counting down the minutes.

    Peace and Happy New Year,



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