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I received one Happy New Year email at precisely 2010-01-01, at 00:00 – well timed, I must say. However, I was asleep already….

I wish you health and harmony in the new year. May we be happy, healthy and useful.

Two photos of last night’s Blue Moon. Each one with a reflection from the lens. Which is the moon and which is the reflection? Like viewing the moon’s reflection in a still pond…

The December slideshow is now available here.

One more thought about this new year. In the last century we said Nineteen-Ninety-Seven or Nineteen-Fifty-Nine. During this first decade of the 21st century everyone seemed to say Two-Thousand-Eight, maybe because Twenty-Eight would sound like, well 28. Although, we said Nineteen-O-Eight and therefore could have said Twenty-Oh-Eight. Anyway, Twenty-Ten sounds right to me, better than Two-Thousand-Ten, for sure.


  1. Barbara

    Dear Ottmar – in Switzerland the moon was clearly visible for a short period of time. Just after we finished a fire ceremony in the woods of Gais (Appenzell)where we spoke out very similiar concerns and words as you did – and where we played drums and burnt the things we would like to leave behing… The world is one – with my best wishes for 2010 for you and your friends from far away yet close in the heart. Barbara

  2. Boris

    A happy new year as well from Bavaria. The full moon was spectacularly visible here. There were some mighty clouds at one point covering the mountains but only surrounding the moon, giving the moon a colourful corona. The clouds over the mountains – like big waves hitting the beach. I had the pleasure spending the first hours of the new year in a friend’s place which had a balcony from where you are able to overlook the whole valley. And later we laid down on the floor to watch the moon through the roof windows. I cannot remember that I ever had a better start into a new year…

  3. Carol

    I like the way “twenty-ten” sounds. It’s what I’m hearing and saying here. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone. were in such agreement in other ways?


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