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02009-12-30 | Music | 3 comments

The third part in our Turkish Night series that started over a month ago.

Um, yeah, that is funky. I love the new end-section. Bass x 3. Very funky. And check out the 70’s Fender Rhodes… Jon nailed it. Not finished, but a decent rough mix and a nice ending to the year.

The 320kbps mp3 file can be downloaded here.
The 24/48 FLAC can be downloaded here.


  1. steve

    Yeah! Jon NAILED it.

  2. Gerry

    Jon always nails it! He’s a bass maestro (and a nice guy too) – I shall have to listen to this on bigger speakers.
    Thanks for the New Year gift. Best Wishes to all Ottmar Friends from the UK.

  3. Panj

    Danke sehr, Ottmar for the Music…ALL of it!!! I am especially fond of this piece, as I am ringing in the New Year in the little Virtual World of Dreamscape, in a lil place called Kymer…where many many many years ago I visited and used to just sit invisable and listen to folks talk…so again this year, I will be listening to the same song in the same place…the Wheel turns…:-)
    God Bless you ALL for the Magicical Music and Words! May the New Year brings us ALL Harmony…on ALL levels…:-)


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