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I am feeling better today, after I ate nothing but four bowls of chicken soup with lots of hot green chile yesterday. I swear chickensoup with hot chile is the best medicine for a cold. You can feel your body sweat and transfer energy.

Miles Davis in Paris: the love lives on | Music | The Guardian
Vian introduced Davis to Picasso and Jean-Paul Sartre, and the group would sit together in hotels, cafes and clubs in the Saint-Germain district, using a mixture of broken French, broken English and sign language to communicate.

Miles Davis, Picasso and Sartre hanging out in Paris!! May I serve the coffee? There is currently a Miles Davis exhibit in Paris, at the Musée de la Musique, until 17 January. The exhibit will move to Montreal from April to August, 2010.

I am enjoying Lords of the Horizons: A History of the Ottoman Empire, by Jason Goodwin, written years before The Janissary Tree, his first novel featuring the clever eunuch detective Yashim Togalu. Check this out:

The Sultan’s horse, which carried him the short distance through the streets to Friday prayers, was suspended from straps the night before to ensure that it walked with halting gravity.

If you enjoy reading about history I would certainly recommend this book!

HDtracks high resolution audiophile music downloads
Are you curious as to what your fellow music aficionados are downloading from HDtracks? Here’s this week’s best sellers for you to check out. Build up your music collection fast with these great artists and albums.

The HDtracks best seller list, week ending Monday, December 14th
1. One Guitar (96/24) – Ottmar Liebert
2. Paris / London – Testament (96/24) – Keith Jarrett
3. Up Close (96/24) – Ottmar Liebert
4. Raising Sand (96/24) – Robert Plant, Alison Krauss

Nice! Two in the top three! Of course, I have no idea what that really means. They might have sold 4 copies of One Guitar, 3 copies of the new Keith Jarrett album, 2 copies of Up Close etc… :-)

Large panaorama photo of Dresden, in Germany, currently the 26 gigapixel image is the largest in the world.

These restaurantions always look like magic to me:

BBC News – Audio slideshow: Scala Santa
In Rome, 400-year-old fresco paintings in one of the most popular shrines in Christendom – obscured by thick grime and soot – have been restored to their original glory.

The BBC’s Rome correspondent David Willey was given a tour of the building that is home to the Scala Santa or Holy Stairs. He spoke to Mary Angela Schroth, who is coordinating the 10-year restoration project.

Quick, show this video to the politicos in Copenhagen. It’s just a wee planet we are on and it needs be treated better.

I don’t have a lot of hope for any significant agreement in Copenhagen this week. Most of us will not live to see the devastation that will occur eventually. But, I am sad for the needless suffering that will follow.


  1. Brenda

    I made homemade chicken noodle soup this week but I only use onions and carrots. I might just try a little green chile sometime.
    We are just a grain of sand. Thanks for reminding me with the Video.
    It is good that you are feeling better.
    Thank you for all you do for us.

  2. Kaz

    Hello & Bonjour Ottmar and Friends!
    First of all I’m happy to hear your feeling better..(let’s hear it for chicken soup!! ;) I think the Earth needs a little chicken soup too.. and the ingredients are found among all of us. I hope they’ll use your recipe, there’s nothing like lots of greens to make you feel better! I hope they can come together and cook up something nice for mother Earth. thx
    Listening 4 U! ;)

  3. Panj

    Soooo glad to hear you are feelinb besser…i have become addicted to green chiles in my soups…don’t even remember how i got started with them, but once when left out, the soup tasted so blah…
    …can’t even make a comment on the Planet…too depressing!
    …Prayers and change are all that can help!
    …keep getting WELL, Ottmar!!!

  4. yumi

    Miles Davis, Picasso and Sartre. “May I serve the coffee?”:
    They would probably want to know why their waiter (Ottmar Liebert) keeps coming back to the table so often.

    Large panorama photo of Dresden: favorite was the angel and the last one on the right.

    The Known Universe: enjoyed watching that. We are really a little dot of something bigger.


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