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I was looking for a pair of warm Winter biking gloves and had not found anything I liked. Then I came across this post:

Open Bicycle » We Light Our Hands On Fire So You Don’t Have To.
After looking into the various gloves marketed by cycling apparel manufacturers, we decided that every offering had some flaws- not weather-proof enough, too much padding, or simply too expensive. We started looking elsewhere- surely there was someone making gloves that would keep your hands dry and toasty throughout the climate-change ravaged Northeast winters? The solution, we found, was in workwear. A few of us had been very happy with our Ironclad mechanics gloves, and we decided to investigate their other models.

Water and windproof for a price that seems right – under $40. Here are the other gloves Open Bicycle mentioned – $26.

In the evening I worked on my Tibet photos from 2006, because a slideshow of Tibet photos was requested for my solo performance in Manhattan next week. I took me about 12 hours to go through all 1,800 photos. Next I’ll have to find out how I can arrange the photos into a slideshow.

Above is lichen, below paint.

I don’t know whether this was a mix-up in the Chinese factory or whether a broken spoon and a broken fork were repaired like this…

Oh, and now we have two albums available in the 24/96k HD format. HDTracks carries them online: One Guitar and Up Close.


  1. Ottmar

    Dave – but can you light them on fire? :-)
    I should receive a pair of the Ironclad next week – will let you know what I think of them.

  2. dave

    The Ironclad fire test is pretty impressive & tough to beat.

  3. James

    Does a fork have spoon nature?

  4. Carol

    I looked at that fork for sometime checking all the details until the too obvious made me burst out laughing.


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