Wednesday in Tokyo

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A full day. As almost every Morning (((had a bowl of soba noodles on Saturday Morning))) I started with a Japanese breakfast of rice and pickled vegetables. Then we took the Metro to the largest Muji store in Tokyo (((that probably means the largest in the World, unless the one in London is bigger))) to buy a few gifts.

Lining up a bunch of Metro handles for a photo:

I like Muji. Check out their message:

Doesn’t that sound a little like Oryokijust enough?

I got the feeling that the aquarium was a personal subway beautification project of one of the Metro employees in the nearby booth.

Then we rode up to the top of the Tokyo Tower.

Built in 1958 and standing 1,091 feet tall, it is taller than the Eiffel tower by 12.5 meters and almost twice as tall as Seattle’s Space Needle. Tokyo, Tokyo as far as they eye can see. Mount Fuji, in the distance, was covered in clouds. (((I nearly always use a 50mm lens on a full-frame camera, so this is not a wide-angle)))

A new Tokyo Tower, now called Tokyo Sky Tree, is supposed to be finished in 2011 and should open to the public in the Spring of 2012. It will be 634m (2,080 feet) tall! Here is another view from the Tokyo Tower:

My shoes matched the tower. This is a window in the floor at 250m / 820 feet:

In the afternoon I visited the Nezu Museum, which has a very nice collection of tea bowls and utensils and a lovely garden, but that should be a separate entry…


  1. Vic

    I really enjoy the images you share with us here. Great DOF shot of the handles in the Metro.

  2. steve

    What kind of shoes are those…? They look very comfortable.


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