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02009-11-15 | Music | 5 comments

Here is another Lava track. This one has the unromantic title Reel 2 Song 1. Such a pretty piece deserves a nicer title, a more evocative title… well, pretty except for the freakout towards the end.

Anyway, I am NOT done with this piece. I just got started. There is more cleaning up to do. If you listen closely, you hear the hum of amps and other stuff. I usually clean up the individual tracks a little, cutting out the hum when an instrument is not playing, because if the quiet is more quiet, it creates more space and clarity and dynamics. So here is a first mix, with another one to come in a couple of months. I am also contemplating doing a version without that loud section…

You can download the 24/48k FLAC here.

The 320kbps mp3 file can be downloaded here.


  1. yumi

    Really beautiful. Nice anticipation of the thought of hearing another version, too.

  2. Gerry

    Ottmar, this is absolutely beautiful and I like the freakout too! I guess you’ve heard the version on Seals ‘System’ album (its called Rolling). It caught me by surprise to hear Seal sing over it. The 2 versions are not comparable really (though Seal does have a great voice)- but, in my opinion, your version is far superior.

  3. Ottmar

    Gerry: Can’t say I have. I am not familiar with either album or song.

  4. Brenda

    Wonderful Track to Enjoy Tokyo Travel time… photo takes.. Thanks!

  5. dave

    I find it’s like a calm summer day, a storm moves in & out quickly & then it’s calm again.


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