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Last week I worked on Turkish Night, from The Santa Fe Sessions. This is a mix without the bass – the original recording featured a acoustic upright bass. This week I am going to hand Jon a drive with the recording session on it and he will record a new electric bass guitar and who knows, maybe some keyboards, too. Well, I thought it might be fun for you to hear the track bass-less. Then you can compare that with the final version in a few weeks.

You can download the 320kbps mp3 here.
You can download the 24/48k FLAC here – for those of you who have an external Digital-to-Analog Converter that can play back files higher than 16/44.1k

By the way, the song was based on an evening of merriment in the bar of our hotel in Istanbul in December of 1996. Friends of mine had flown in from Germany and from the Turkish capital and joined the band in celebrating with cherry juice and vodka drinks. Cherry juice is as popular in Turkey as Orange juice in the U.S.

At the time (((01996-12-19))) I wrote in the Diary:

By 11pm we have all assembled for drinks in the Kempinsky hotelbar, band and crew and my friends Rolf and Michael, who have come from Cologne, Germany, and from Ankara, Turkey, where Michael is a News correspondent for German television. I’m buying rounds of Cape Cods, before we discover that the Turkish cherry juice tastes great with vodka. It gets you drunk…


  1. Ulrich

    . . . it seems naked – but it’s fresh . . .

  2. Carol

    I like it. so natural.. I’m sure I’ll like it fully clothed too : )

  3. steve

    MANY THANKS for offering this as a FLAC!

  4. Ottmar

    Steve: Does your FLAC reader show the meta-data I embedded? Just wondering.
    And you are welcome!

  5. Rambila

    “turkish night” es una gran cancion,
    con solo cerrar los ojos y escuchar
    esa cancion, logra transportarte a
    los bellos lugares de turquia.
    lo siento, pero mi ingles es malo,
    un saludo desde Mexico

    “Turkish Night” is a great song,
    with just close your eyes and listen
    That song, manages to transport you
    the beautiful places in Turkey.
    sorry but my English is bad,
    greetings from Mexico



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