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Why is the broom in the closet a foot shorter today? From this website.

Nice Idea:

PUYL is a bicycle pump and portable light combined in one device. It is the first permanent illuminating bicycle light which does not need a battery. This combination provides an unlimited light source and a bicycle pump for urban cyclists. The idea is based on Faraday’s law of induction. Instead of batteries, it uses electromagnetic induction. The electricity is generated by moving the compressor/ magnet through the two copper coils that are located around the inner compression tube. The light’s battery is charged while pumping.

The generated energy is stored in a rechargeable battery/ super cap. The light source is an ultra bright LED bulb. The magnetic recharge method allows the LED light to be recharged unlimited times.

Check out this talk on conductors as models of inspired leadership by Itay Talgam:

I first watched his talk at TED, where he sounded more relaxed, but the above embedded YouTube version of essentially the same talk at Zeitgeist in Europe has slightly longer conductor examples. My favorites: the very first example, of Carlos Kleiber conducting the Vienna Philharmonic, and the very last example, Leonard Bernstein conducting the same orchestra. Wow! That is leadership!

I can’t go back to play in Vienna unless I get a day off to experience a classical concert there!! :-)

My comment regarding browsers versus searchers from yesterday.


  1. yumi

    What a sad ending for Riccardo Muti!

    Wonderful to hear, watch Leonard Bernstein conduct. He was such an expressive artist and a very good speaker.

  2. steve

    Wow … those f_8 bikes sure look sweet.

    Don’t think I could afford the $2900 for one though given all the $$$ I have poured into building up the bike I have.

    Still … sweet ride…


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