Friday in Santa Fe

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And the whites and grays give way to the blue, as sunshine returns to Santa Fe.

In case you want to know what our names look like in Japanese:

Here is a video from the Blue Note Tokyo website – they put the whole thing together and selected and edited the music. It’s interesting that they cut off the end – one feels suspended and the suggestion seems to be to come hear the rest at the Blue Note. Nice.

David Hockney paints on the iPhone. Also, nice article on Hockney in the Guardian this weekend.

BBC has another commentary on the present and future of music.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | The golden age of infinite music
Not long ago, if you wanted music, you had to save up your pocket money, take a trip to the local record shop and lovingly leaf through its racks.

Now, it’s almost all free, instant and infinite. And our relationship with music has changed forever.

Like any revolution (((like anything that happens, really))) the Digital Revolution will only be understood in hindsight. Say, ten years from now, or fifty.

In the meantime we’ll just have to move forward somehow, as if in a dark hallway, slowly feeling our way to the exit, or entrance as it may be. Many will trip, many will fall, and eventually we will be out the door, wondering about what happened, and what took so long (((and why nobody left a light on))). Maybe the solution will be terribly obvious – in hindsight. It usually is.


  1. Adam

    Wow. I was amazed by how remarkably coherent and agreeable that article was :) Good catch, thanks for posting.

  2. steve

    I guess I know that it’s going to march forward anyway, but I just wince at the idea of music becoming EVEN MORE of a commodity that it already is. Maybe I’m just an old guy.


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