Cologne revisited

02009-10-28 | Photos | 2 comments

Some photos a friend of mine took at the concert in Köln on October 9th:

More here.


  1. Ramaxu

    No cabe duda que cada vez que escucho
    una cancion de Ottmar me llena de
    alegría de paz. Es una sensación
    difícil de explicar, lo que si sé,
    es que disfruto mucho oír su música.
    Espero algún día venga a México :-)

    No doubt, that each time I hear
    Ottmar a song fills me with
    joy, peace. It feels
    difficult to explain, but I do know,
    is that really enjoy their music heard.
    I hope some day come to Mexico :-)

    I’m Ramaxu

  2. Carol

    What a beautiful experience! When you were young did you ever have such a goal? The Koln.. A fitting place for your music, as in a small night club….because your music is life itself.


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