Wednesday in Santa Fe

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I took this photo a couple of days ago. Monday and Tuesday it was sunny with temps around 70ºF and I enjoyed riding my bike around town.

This is a photo of one of my rain-catchers:

Tuesday Evening Autumn showed its other side… a storm came, wind, a lot of rain, which had turned into snow by Wednesday Morning.

I actually loved this grey and cold day, today. Introspective and mellow. I didn’t leave the house.

Here are a couple of shots I took this afternoon to see whether a mini-tripod I had purchased for my Tibet trip three years ago, would be able to support my Canon. I want to lift the camera off the ground just a little, in case the streets of Tokyo are wet one evening next month… Tokyo neon + wet streets = great reflections! Visas have been granted and we’ll be in Tokyo and Yokohama for a week in November, playing at the Blue Note.

Here is a little vid I saw on the interwebs this morning. It’s about time we started seeing cars and their drivers as a problem instead of treating them like holy cows:

From Streetfilms.
(Via Copenhagenize)


  1. marijose

    If cities won’t ban cars, then I think they should charge hefty car tolls. I’m thinking at least $20 per day. has striking pictures of how much room cars take up compared to buses and bicycles.

  2. steve

    Yup … I ride my bicycle through this stuff…

  3. Brenda

    Thanks Mr. World Traveler for sharing with us! I am definitely classified as a pedestrian when it comes to traveling. Your thoughts of the day, photo’s, and Music are – as I would say = “Sunshine Filled” – Just Good Stuff!! Thanks Mr. Ottmar Liebert. Next destination – Tokyo – WOW!

  4. Adam

    Ottmar – are you doing an East Coast tour this spring?? I haven’t heard a thing about it on the blogs, but here I am getting an e-mail from Ticketmaster about BB Kings shows going on sale soon :) Let us know if this is happening and the details!

  5. Ottmar

    Adam: that’s fast. We only agreed to play at BB Kings yesterday. Looks like the band will play at BB’s in May 2010 and I will perform the Blue Note solo in November 2010.

  6. Panj

    How delecious that must have been to be able to spend a whole day at home…and I bet Bella was in 7th Heaven..:-)

  7. Adam

    Sounds awesome! I’ll definitely see you in May – and as for November, well, that depends where I am in life by then :) Grad school approaches, and hopefully I’ll be able to take a year off for a pilgrimage to Andalucía…


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