Thursday in Hannover

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Either Hannover or Braunschweig, or both, are the origin of High German. Every other region has a different dialect. High German is taught in every school in the country. I noticed a recent public poll on TV, in passing, that claimed that nearly fifty percent of Germans want education to be the first piority of the government. More people voted for education than for lowering health costs, improving the economy, and lowering taxes. Hopefully the new government will take heed. I find that education should be the most important agenda for any society. Most everything else hinges on an educated public.

Arrived in time for lunch. I noticed a dish called Flammkuchen, which sounded interesting:

It was delicious. A bit lighter than pizza. The wikipedia page, in German, explains that Flammkuchen (((literally Flame Cake))) was baked in wood-burning ovens to make use of the first heat and to check whether the temperature was correct for bread-baking. If the Flammkuchen took longer than 12-15 minutes the temperature of the oven was to low and more wood had to be burned. If, on the other hand, the Flammkuchen cooked too quickly, one would let the oven cool down a little before baking bread.

The church had a huge interior and the reverb was even larger than yesterday. I made sure to pause after emphasizing a chord, which created a beautiful suspended, floating impression. Like a cloud following a sound. Applause also sounded amazing in this space! :-)


  1. Boris

    The whole region. You might include Hildesheim, much more important than Hannover in the past – I would add with a little family pride… :)

  2. Brenda

    Oh my, I like your description of the pause. :)Nice!

  3. yumi

    “…The sounds linger on, and trembling, cease.
    The melody is finished, autumn night profound.
    The True Sound echoes the Primal Changes;
    Heaven and Earth deepen serene.” -Hakarakuten

    Can imagine how amazing that must have sounded.

  4. Brenda

    Yes, it does look delicious. What a test for homemade bread! Hmm – While the bread raises, you do not need to wait for the second rise; you get to have a meal of Flammkuchen. I’ll be trying that. Thanks!

  5. Boris

    Flammkuchen – where Germany and France meet. It is from Alsace.

  6. Brenda

    Thank you Boris :)


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