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Went to sleep before midnight, but woke up a little early at 04:30. Read Bicycle Diaries, by David Byrne, a book full of great observations from cities around the world, with a little history thrown in (((he has a very good understanding of latin music and all of its different styles))) and very interesting tangents and asides… I am not a fan of David Byrne’s music, but I do enjoy his book.

Met Jon at 06:30 in the breakfast room – breakfast is a big deal in every hotel here. It is included in the price of the room and the hotels do go all out and offer a great variety.

We left Hannover at 09:00 because I wanted to get to Köln by noon to walk around. Our hotel is right on the Rhine, has a lovely night-time view of the cathedral and is less than a mile from the apartment were I grew up.

Jon and I walked across the bridge and had lunch in one of the old pubs. On the way back to our hotel we noticed that in the last year a new custom has sprung up in Köln. Check this out:

It seems that couples, instead of cutting their initials into the bark of a tree, have found a more urban expression. All kinds of locks, with names written on or scratched into the metal, are placed on the fence. Do people remove their locks when the couple splits up? Do they place new locks in the same vicinity or elsewhere?

Here is a photo of the bar in the Lutheran church in Köln, the Kulturkirche:


  1. Panj

    …okay…just a ‘tad’ envious of those getting to hear all those ‘Kirche’ notes floating about, who knows though…someday…vielliecht!
    …Riga…is that not where Inspector Wallander went to in the novel?
    God Speed and LOADS of fun!

  2. Boris

    Panj – Wallander went there once, I think the English title of the book might be “Dogs of Riga”? Capital of Latvia, old Hanseatic city located at the shore of the Baltic sea …

  3. Panj

    Had a wonderful couple of hours researching the Hanseatic League system…Thanks Boris…:-)


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