Tuesday in Berlin

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Up early and walking towards the Brandenbuger Tor at 06:30.

Woke up a little after 05:00. After Zazen I left the hotel at 06:30 and started walking towards the Brandenburger Tor (gate) in the darkness. I kept a high awareness of my surroundings, but soon relaxed because Berlin does not feel dangerous, at least not in the center of the city. It was still dark when I arrived at the gate.

On the way to the venue I noticed a $160,000 Mercedes AMG in flat camo paint in traffic, next to our mini-van. The driver had a shaved head and a large neck tattoo. I suggested that it might be a local pimp, which our tour manager agreed was very likely. I also learned that pimps in Germany like to drive a Hummer, because those vehicles are too heavy to be moved by regular German tow-trucks and the streets are often to narrow to allow a big tow-truck to enter. There, didn’t you always want to know?

The venue, the small room of the Tempodrom, (((Tory Amos was getting ready for her show in the large hall))) is a multi-purpose theater that is used for concerts as well as presentations and fashion shows. It is a circular room with a stage temporarily set across from the entrance.

We arrived at 16:00 and were done with sound and projection-check by 17:00. Catering was backstage and included potato salad and German meatballs, meat combined with bread, often old rolls that have been soaked in milk, chopped onions and spices.


  1. Carol

    Pretty neat for us that you are so multi-talented. Your photos are so good. If I can’t get to see the Brandenburg gates in person, you given me the feel of being there.

  2. Brenda

    “Silence is Golden” – Time to Smile – Time to Travel
    Time to Breathe

  3. Panj

    LOVE the bottom of those coloums in the bottom picture…magical…
    …will you be showing any of the Leipzig Train Station?
    …God Speed with LOADS of fun!

  4. Brenda

    My employer returned from Germany last Sunday. Yes, she visited Berlin. Yes, she purchased many shirts that say, BERLIN. Just so timely could not resist sharing. Daily, my co-workers wear their BERLIN T-SHIRTS. You are just everywhere Ottmar. Thanks for Ottmar-Friends!


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