Thursday in Milan

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Yesterday evening Jon and I walked for hours. We had a drink and some snacks around 18:00 in one place and then walked to the Duomo and back and had dinner after 20:00 at a sidewalk table of a little restaurant.

This Morning I walked for 2½ hours and experimented with DMV (((Drunken Master View))) shots. I love those moments in films when the focus slowly changes and reveals a surprise. Hitchcock did this a lot. An innocent view would slowly change focus and show us a gleaming knife or the shadow of a gun. The scene would move from serenity to horror in the spacce of a few seconds.

I was also reminded of real slideshows. Slideprojectors would get so hot that any slide (((especially ones that were mounted without glass))) would quickly expand, enough to change the focus. When I was 15 or 16 and looked at my photographs I would often focus on the expanded film, meaning that each new slide would at first be out-of-focus, and then would pop into focus a few seconds after being in front of the hot bulb.

It would be interesting to set up series of three of four shots in which the focus started out fairly close and moving back into the space would reveal something that can’t be seen at first. Instead of Hitchcock’s knife it could be a hand holding a flower, or a person that is too blurry to be recognized, or even seen, in he first shot.

Lunch: sandwiches at Panini Giusto around he corner.

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  1. Panj

    Grazie for the most wonderful flavours you are sharing with us…I feel like a kid at a Banquet waiting for the next delecious tidbit…the Joys you two share, are much appreciated!


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