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Yesterday morning I dressed Bella in a fresh t-shirt. It said “Reading is Fundamental”, although the meaning is probably lost on her. Then I biked to have my weekly breakfast with Jon.

09 Return to Andalusia

Here is an interesting twist that I have only seen on SoundCloud. You can enter timed comments, that is comments that are tied to a particular place in the music. Clicking on the link below the soundfile will take you to the file’s location on Instead of writing “I like the riff that starts @ 2:54 minutes into the music” you just click on the blue bar and enter your comment. And then it should show up on the embedded player above!

It would be interesting to create an internet-based music album, where different media is attached to the music in a similar fashion. For example, a few words of poetry are linked to a particular moment, followed by a photograph linked to different moment, or even video.

I can hear you say, that’s called a movie, and maybe it is. I should try Adobe Premier or Apple’s Final Cut to create what I imagine… Can’t somebody combine Keynote and a video editing program?

Then again, does that further ruin our sense of hearing? Vision dominates hearing. However poetic and interesting such an album might be, it would distract from the experience of the music. Or, as Jon pointed out to me after I mentioned this, when he turns the lights out while listening, the music always seems to become twice as loud.

And what about my solo-concerts and the imagery I project alongside? Those of you who have come to one of my solo performances where I used projection – how do you feel about it? I feel a conflict, but I also like the experience. Performing music while projecting images – it seems to be connected to the present, this moment in cultural history, and possibly to the struggle I have with giving my eyes and ears each their due.

Here is another quote on the same subject from Trent Raznor, this time in the latest New Yorker magazine:

Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor: The New Yorker
Walk into a Best Buy and everyone’s obsessed with the highest possible resolution for their TVs. 1080p versus 1080i resolution, hundred-dollar HDMI video cables . . . yet everyone still walks around with those terrible quality white iPod ‘earbuds.’

Seeing dominates hearing…

That reminded me of my rants about the subject from the mid-Nineties, especially Rant #8 and Rant #9.

Anyway, if you feel like leaving timed comments, feel free to do so. I believe you will have to open a free SoundCloud account to do so.

I have always enjoyed seeing the change of a landscape over time and these are nice examples from Hong Kong:

Hong Kong, Then and Now – Popwuping
Hong Kong, Then and Now

Here is a direct link to the Flickr photostream and here is a link to the Old-New Hongkong slideshow.

Nice screensaver clock for Macintosh (((including the new 10.6 OS))) and Windows.

Simon Heys » Word Clock
Word Clock is a typographic screensaver for Mac OS X and Windows. It displays a fixed list of all numbers and words sufficient to express any possible date and time as a sentence. Word Clock displays time by highlighting appropriate words as each second passes.

There are two display modes; Linear which is shown above and Rotary which has a nice relationship with traditional analogue clocks.

Don’t use this with an old CRT screen as I imagine it will cause burn-in.


A few songs a day keep the doctor away | Health Tech – CNET News
According to research out of the University of Belgrade at Serbia, listening to music every day might also be good for the heart. Predrag Mitrovic just presented his study of 740 patients to the European Society of Cardiology 2009 Congress, demonstrating that 12 minutes of music a day reduces blood pressure, heart rate, patient anxiety, as well as the likelihood of reinfarction and sudden death in acute coronary syndrome patients.

Let me get this straight. People should listen to music for their health. But, there is no money for music education in school. That is seriously wrong.

(Thanks for the link Carol)

In the evening: practicing guitar, then listening to Till Fellner play Bach and then a couple of hours in the Studio, mixing another Lava track.


  1. Brenda

    I find exercising and listening to music make perfect combination for a healthy heart for me.
    Everything is music when we take time to listen. Listening calms the soul. Music speaks the thoughts we never took time to stop and say.

  2. dave

    Timed comments might be interesting as walking-in music/video prior to your shows.

  3. yumi

    Ottmar wrote, “And what about my solo-concerts and the imagery I project alongside? Those of you who have come to one of my solo performances where I used projection – how do you feel about it?”

    I once posed a question, “What is the language of the artist?”
    The reply was, “Any artist is a multi-linguist. Some of those languages are unspoken.”

    The photos surprised me with lines of poetry and bits of writings. At times, the time-lapse photography or themes of photography blended so perfectly with the music that it made you feel that it was meant to be that way.

    It is wonderful for the audience to know that the photographs and videos were taken by the artist….that when artists fully allow creativity to flow, they are multifaceted and speak many languages. The slide show was a step for the audience to see more of an expression from the artist. The music was the foundation.

    If anything got in my way, it was the food, the tea that I ordered (that I didn’t really eat or drink) and the waiters walking by…dishes moving.

  4. Brenda

    The song Under the Rose is musical masterpiece!!!! I can listen to it over, over, and over and everytime it pulls you in to a feeling that is a fresh addiction. This song will win awards! Well, yes the cd too!!


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