Wednesday in Santa Fe

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A day filled with mundane tasks, dealing with garbage and recycling, cleaning, doing dishes, putting fresh armor on my nails (((I gave my nails a rest after Jon and I returned from the private performance in New York and took a week off of guitar-playing))) and playing guitar… all the while thinking about Bella, my Tibetan Mastiff.

The old girl, born in 1997, has a nasty open tumor on her back and we will soon have to decide what’s best for her.

Maybe inspired by Bella’s fate, I have had great conversations with Roshi Joan and others about end-of-life. Surely death is as big a deal for any life as birth is, but we don’t seem to talk about it much and most people would rather forget about it.

Anyway, I won’t go into it because, well, you signed up for music, not for my writing about death, which you might find morbid.

Here is another happy-Bella-pic:


  1. Matt Callahan

    We signed up to be friends. Sharing loss is as important as sharing any of the positives in life.

  2. lindaw

    I’m in complete agreement with Matt on this one, we did sign up to be friends.

    Birth and death are a part of the experience we call living (as is grieving over loss or even a decision that is difficult).

    Know that your “friends” in this medium are for you.

  3. yumi

    Devoted friend, Bella.

    True, I have found most people are uncomfortable with the subject, would like to see it as the abstract part of a conversation and prefer to shun it. It is not morbid at all.

    The starting and the sum of the journey are equals.

  4. Victor

    Its true people are a bit uncomfortable talking about it, its strange thought ever since I turned 40 its been pooping up more and more. I would like to hear your ideas as well as anyone else’s idea. Maybe you can write a song that has some of your emotions and thoughts captured. Lets talk about it we are all going there one day. Hope Im not offensive.

  5. Brenda

    My dog Shane (male) was half shepherd and half collie with black/brown fur with the same type of eye markings as your beautiful Bella. Shane lived to be 16. He developed a tumor and as time passed he refused to drink water. We had to make a decision for Shane. Shane passed in 2001. In 2005, a little abandoned girl beagle puppy came into my life and her name is SPY. Thanks for sharing with us about your love for Bella.

  6. Carol

    The things you have shared have changed my outlook on life and helped me find peace through all kinds of times often with just a few words. ” The first step is the only hard one” and how I’ve tried to grasp “the blink of an i contains eternity”
    You make life a most pleasing adventure, and I’m sure death can be the same.

  7. Carol

    I don’t know if that’s the most ladylike repose for her, but maybe she doesn’t care : )

  8. Panj

    My Heart goes out to you and Bella and your family, Ottmar. Such a difficult time, but what a Gift for Bella, to be able to ease out of her ‘doggy suit’ so easy, when the time comes. And won’t she be so happy to run with Arko again and to be able to accompany you anytime and anywhere she wants!
    I can seem them, flanking you in your travels. And most appropriate…the discussion. I hope you can feel all the warm hugs sent your way from so many…:-)…and Bella too!

  9. Carol

    I remember when they were two little balls of fur streaking so fast your camera couldn’t capture them. They have had a happy time living with you in the moutains of Santa Fe.

  10. Carolynn

    I recently lost a furry “child.” She was a precious part of my family for 10 years. These furry kids are such blessings to our lives. My heart goes out to all who are dealing with the sadness of a loss or contemplating the end for a furry friend. OL, I hope you will find peace in the life you have shared with Bella and the gift that you give her to pass out of this life gracefully.

  11. Molly

    i put my cat of many years down in June and her and i shared the most amazing end of life time together…something i will cherish and never, ever forget. peace to you and Bella.

  12. dave

    Take care. It’s not an easy decision to have to make. I went through it a few years back.

    I remember reading that George Harrison quipped that the leading cause of death in the world is birth so if you don’t want to die don’t be born.

  13. Kaz

    Wednesday in Santa Fe; Hello Friends! Very interesting topic and I couldn’t resist from commenting, I think the gift of life should be experienced to the fullest but the gift we receive should be the gift(s) we leave behind in creating for ourselves a higher self and making this world we live in a little better, a little nicer, a little more Bella! Live every moment and love everyday!

  14. Panj

    …and we must not forget Miracles…:-)))

  15. GK

    They never stay with us long enough in life, but in our hearts, forever. Simply be grateful for having had the honor and joy of their greatness around us for as long as we were given.

    “Bella” her name says it all…


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