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An Insider On the Apple Tablet [Apple]
They continued to explain the device as something that would sit between an iPod/iPhone and a Macbook, and would cost $700 to $900—”More than twice as much as a netbook,” he said.

To make up for that cost and make the device more than just a big iPod there was, this person claimed, there was talk of making the device act as a secondary screen/touchpad for iMacs and MacBooks, much like a few of the USB screens that have come out in recent months from Chinese companies. Very interesting.
(Via Gizmodo)

Hm, manipulating wave forms on a DAW by using pinching gestures to zoom in and out, selecting an insertion point by touch… very interesting indeed. Like the Wacom Cintiq thing, which is a 12 inch screen with pen-input. But, the Cintiq costs $999 and one needs to use a pen, and the Apple Tablet would also be a great reader and media player with Wi-Fi – for less money. And if the tablet has Bluetooth, it would interface with the computer wirelessly and could accept input from the Bluetooth Apple Wireless Keyboard. Suddenly it all makes sense. Brilliant!


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