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I cropped these vids to the same 3:2 ratio that my still images have. That is the ratio of 35mm film, 36mm wide by 24mm high. Play one after another or start them all up! (((in that case it is best to press play and immediately press pause, so the video can load fully before you start them all up!)))

The link in the first comment leads to this Drunken Master video.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Drunken Master View reminds me of those overdubbed kung fu movies that were played late night on public TV. Ah, life before cable.

  2. Brenda

    :) How’s about Intoxicating to replace Drunken :) Since I is not a D – hmmm – Downhome Moonshine Video – Sell Real Well in them thar hills :) I just think it’s a little classier then drunken – don’t you? P.S. – Like your video’s!


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