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Classical music online : The New Yorker
For a long time, music sites supplied MP3s that transmitted data at a 128kbps; this omits about ninety per cent of the data found on a CD. Everything came out sounding a little scrawny—not so bad if you’re getting the Sex Pistols but unfortunate for Mahler.

Love that last sentence!

After I wrote about iPhone app music albums yesterday, I came across this:

The Album Is Dead, Long Live the App
In small but increasing numbers artists are not only selling through the iTunes music store but Apple’s app store. If this trend continues the idea of buying a bundle of music won’t die with the album — it will survive with the app.
(Via Wired News)

This is really funny and seems to be completely random:

I have no idea, how they arrive at that number, but hey, my STARmeter is up 62% and the Houston Press calls me a Guitar Hero! (((Thanks Luz)))

The moon after our House of Blues performance in Dallas. The sound on stage was fantastic and as a result playing was easy and fun… some of our best playing of this tour.

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  1. dave

    Shouldn’t it be Guitar God, instead? ;-)


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