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A few tips:

I will send out the new password for July soon. Please remember to add to your email-address book. Wouldn’t want to lose the password in your spam filter.

Regarding this Journal it seems that Firefox works well and some people report problems with Explorer, while it works fine for others. You can download Firefox for free here.

It seems that it is easier to login from than from Something to do with cookies. I always login from backstage.

Here is a photo from yesterday evening.

After reading all three of Jason Goodwin’s novels about Yashim Togalu , the eunuch detective (((Istanbul in 1836))), and The Sultan’s Seal by Jenny White (((Istanbul in 1886))), I have now turned to Istanbul in the 16th century.

I am currently reading the Kindle-edition of My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk. Thanks for the tip, Steve. From

In 16th-century Istanbul, master miniaturist and illuminator of books Enishte Effendi is commissioned to illustrate a book celebrating the sultan. Soon he lies dead at the bottom of a well, and how he got there is the crux of this novel. A number of narrators give testimony to what they know about the circumstances surrounding the murder. The stories accumulate and become more detailed as the novel progresses, giving the reader not only a nontraditional murder mystery but insight into the mores and customs of the time. In addition, this is both an examination of the way figurative art is viewed within Islam and a love story that demonstrates the tricky mechanics of marriage laws. Award-winning Turkish author Pamuk creatively casts the novel with colorful characters (including such entities as a tree and a gold coin) and provides a palpable sense of atmosphere of the Ottoman Empire that history and literary fans will appreciate. Recommended.

Also found this Ottoman and Turkish food blog. Maybe there is some MexiTurk or OttoMex food hybrid waiting to be invented…


  1. Brenda

    Thanks for the Recipes!

  2. LindaW

    Oh my gosh.. what a nice recipe site!
    I can see the feta cheese bread with green chili. I suspect MexiTurk would be very fun to do, after tasting the traditional versions.

    Thanks for the link Ottmar, it all looks so healthy!

  3. Carol

    Thank you for the recommendations. I’m reading the third of Jason Goodwin’s ‘Yashim’ books. I like the sound of the others you mention. Some people go to Oprah, I go to you for great reading material.

  4. steve

    Speaking of MexiTurk or OttoMex, what would a flamenco guitar crossed with an oud (i.e., no frets) sound like?


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