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If you have a question for me, please leave it in the form of a comment to this post.


  1. Judey Sawyer

    After reading the dialog about photography at the shows, the worst possible outcome would be to stop meeting your fans after a performance. I had the amazing pleasure of seeing you at Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, CT and the most precious moment was speaking to you after the show when you graciously signed two CDS for me.
    If anyone in the audience had been taking photos during that particular performance, it would have not only interrupted but destroyed the incredible energy and beauty of the music that evening. It was sure pure joy and anything that cut across the flow would have been unthinkable.
    Please know how much it means to see you perform live without the distraction of cameras clicking away and to respectfully speak to you after a performance.

  2. Matt Callahan

    OK. Is there any chance you might change the settings on your Flickr account so the camera information is visible? Sure it’s fun to guess which one you’re using but….

    Sorry. It’s the only question I have right now.

  3. Judey Sawyer

    This question is on a completely different subject as Ottmar was kind enough to leave the door open for any question, so here goes. There is a beautiful track on the new CD from Target called “Dreaming” which reminds me of some of the tracks on In The Arms of Love, particularly one called “The Music Box: Dreaming Next 2 U”. What was your inspiration for both of these achingly beautiful songs?

  4. Victor Hornback

    Would you ever consider teaching a music clinic (say to discuss either technique or your writing process)?

    Have you tried the Lucile’s location in Denver and if so does it live up the the Boulder experience? ;)

  5. Kaz

    Question: 2007-07-29: Hello Friends! Ottmar, do you foresee crossing the northern border to Canada anytime soon? I still vividly remember one of your concerts where you got us all up and dancing in front of the stage! Unforgettable!

  6. Naheed

    which technique on picado and arpegio exercises do you practice for your tone? Is this something you can share or post a video?

  7. Brenda

    How’s Bella?

  8. Brenda

    I have spent a little bit of time learning to play a dulcimer. Very little time to tell the truth. What is the difference between a dulcimer and zither? Dulcimer seems every simple in finger placement and my children were taught to play homemade dulcimer of octagon shaped to stand in front of as a teaching dulcimer. Many people craft dulcimers in these hills. Eight children could strum, learn, and perform together. In Appalachia, many people play the dulcimer. Does the zither sound much different? I think the sound of a dulcimer would be very complimentary to your sound.

  9. Brenda

    I had an idea. Oral History is so important to record events, culture, and is so essential in capturing in time the essence of a life. It amazes me the discipline it must take to practice as a musician, photographer, writer, producer and so much more that you have created and share with us in your Ottmar-Friends Diary. Would you be open to share your voice with us occasionally, as addition to the written word? I think your Ottmar-Friends would enjoy hearing your for example, conversation voice tremendously. I think it would be cool if we could hear you introduce the song that you chose to share with us for Monday.. Friday. I think your fans would like to hear your voice also. thanks for being open to the idea… yes, I am a promoter at heart.

  10. Bill

    Can you recommend a couple of live mic’s for small spaces(guitar)? Thanks


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