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Yesterday we arrived in Santa Cruz. Morning coffee was enjoyed here:

Beautiful little tree, limbs stretching across the sidewalk and half across the street, obviously lovingly maintained. Saw several beautiful gardens.

Interesting graffiti on the wall behind the club. The words is Mönch, German for monk.


  1. Carolynn

    Santa Cruz is a fun place. Love the boardwalk. I also love your photo of the chalk board requesting “no dope smokin’ on the patio.” I guess some people need to be reminded. Hope the coffee was good! : )

  2. Panj

    ……u guys were only 35 miles alway and i had no idea…
    …i am signed up for your tour updates but never received a notice that u guys added Santa Cruz…are you still sending out notices? Should i sign up again?…Need need NEED my ottmar fixes! At any rate …God Speed and Happy Trails! See u guys in Sept, God Willing…:-)


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