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Good rehearsal yesterday. The new arrangement of the song Borrasca turned out great. After today we will be ready.

Oliver Sacks | The Daily Show | Comedy Central
Oliver Sacks believes musical training should be a part of early education because of music’s huge effect on the brain.

Here he is on the Daily Show:

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Oliver Sacks

How much proof do we need that music education needs to happen in our schools?

Thanks MMC.


  1. Kaz

    I definitely agree and for so many reasons; at a young age children have the gift of learning at an incredible pace. This experiment was done with languages but I’m sure the same is true for music. Then everything else that comes with music that just promotes the most beautiful possessions life has to offer like expression, togetherness and diversity. I think the competencies music develops makes for a much more melodic future. ?

  2. steve

    A quote from Dr. Sacks himself: “However music started—and it may be that the evolution of rhythmic sense is quite different from that of tonal sense—it has now taken up residence and demands many, many different parts of the brain, certainly more than language.”

    Now imagine taking a brain like that of a child, putting an instrument in their hands, and teaching them to play it.
    Not only the brain “lighting up” by listening, but all the motor skills and coordination based connections that develop through playing.

    What wonderful demands this must make on a developing brain … I just don’t understand why music education is so low on the list of funding priorities.

  3. Carol

    I had a great aunt who had a stroke and couldn’t speak, but she could still sing.
    When I think of how much music is a part of my life….it’s not just an extra frill like too many educators seem to think.

  4. Ottmar

    Steve: I am with you. I think one should not elect any politician who is against music education in school. We need to firmly establish music and art in all schools.

    Carol: Well said!

  5. Brenda

    Yes! Love it!

  6. Gudrun

    Currently I read the book by Oliver Sacks. It named in German “Der einarmige Pianist”. Excellent!!!!


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