Monday Morning Butterflies

02009-07-05 | Music | 23 comments

Here is a recording I made on Friday afternoon in my studio.

[flv:090703-Butterflies.flv 475 267]

You can download the full-size HD (720p) video here. The video file is a little under 400MB in size. The sound in the download-video is 320kbps mp3, and the above streamer is 160kbps.

You can also download the full 24/88.2 sound recording (((without the visual, of course))) here – about 180MB.


  1. Victor

    Beautiful, Lovely and just sounds wonderful especially for this time of year thanks. Love the way you make that guitar sound.

  2. LindaW

    What a wonderful way to start a sunny Sunday!

    I have family that has asked what your live performances are like. I truly appreciate that you are giving permission to embed this video into weblogs, I can actually show them

    Thank you!!

  3. Brolix

    Thank you very much for the music.

    I’m going to grab my guitar right away!

  4. Marsha

    You are a gift — you are appreciated!!

  5. steve

    WOW. Amazing. Thank you. VERY much.

  6. Bill

    WOW! Thank you.

  7. steve

    Have listened to this about ten times. It’s still AMAZING.

    There seems to be no difference between the amount of “air” that the 96k files have and this 88.2k file has. Seems that a point of diminishing marginal returns has been reached at 88.2k.

  8. Adam

    You and your guitar make quite the duo – unbelievable how clean your playing (especially that trémolo) is, and the guitar clearly plays well with a beautiful tone. The more I play guitar, the more I realize how difficult both of those are.

  9. Ottmar

    Thanks all. Glad you enjoy it. I am thinking about doing more “private performances” like that one and also have more ideas for video angles.

    Steve: yes, mathematically the diff between 24/88.2 and 24/96 is minor, and the main advantage is that the conversion to CD/mp3 quality (16/44.1) is much easier and should be more accurate.

  10. Luz

    Love the reflection of the candles on the guitar which complements the music so nicely. Have played the video a few times but this time with head phones and WOW, takes my breath away.

  11. Vic

    Thank you for sharing this video recording, Ottmar. My wife & I enjoyed it very much.

  12. Boris

    Excellent quality of both files! Love it! Enjoy this private performance very much, and – as always – it is so fantastic to get an idea of the schtudio atmosphere …

  13. Brenda

    Thank you for all you do for us. So very nice of you. Thanks again! Wonderful !

  14. Max

    Very cool.

  15. michael

    What would Buddha do?, well he would start his day with what you so generously shared this morning. Thank you.

  16. Gerald

    VERY Cool. Thank you so much for this private performance. Judy & I really enjoyed it. Hope to see more of this in the near future. Much appreciated! Gerald & Judy – Sedona, AZ

  17. Kaz

    Monday Morning Butterflies;
    It feels like you’re in the same room as I am! Thank you seems somewhat petite next to this vast work of art! Wow! Thank you again!

  18. Carmen Ortiz

    Ottmar, your music is gentle, beautiful, romantic, sweet and powerful in a quiet way. I want to say “Thank You” for sharing this. I had a front row seat…perfect!
    p.s. I will be playing this several times again…it’s just too beautiful to just listen and watch only once.

  19. panj

    …~wafting Currents of fluid Magic~…
    …danke sehr Ottmar, for such a generous beautiful Gift and for inviting us into your Home…

  20. kf

    sehr schön, freue mich schon auf Oktober

  21. yumi

    Aside from the music, my favorite part is when you are finished and place your hand quietly on the guitar. It feels like the video almost stops, but instead is a nice pause and the place where the music actually ends.

  22. Vince

    I agree with Luz,
    the reflection of the candles on the guitar introduce an additional sense in tune with the music. I have a hard time concentrating just on the music, just on the video. I am taking in this experience with multiple senses. Very nice!

  23. dave



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