More Rockefeller’s

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Another medley from the concert at Rockefeller’s in Houston on October 27, 1993. This one started with a bass solo. Check out how I hijacked the tempo and sped it up… tsk tsk tsk (shakes head)

By the way, do you have ¡Viva!, from 1995? We separated the bass solo from Heart Still/Beating and added it as an Easter Egg at the end. After the last track on the album ends about 5 seconds go by, and then the uncredited bass solo starts…

Download the 320kbps mp3 here.


  1. Boris

    I always wondered about that hidden track. Cool. Thanks!

  2. Matt Callahan

    I just figured it was Jon being funky and no one could stop him.

  3. LindaW

    I had always thought that this was one of those production faux pas.

    Thanks Ottmar!

  4. Ottmar


  5. Kaz

    More Rockefeller’s;
    Wow..that’s some great funky bass playing..I hope Jon wasn’t upset when it didn’t make the cut!! ;)
    Thx OL

  6. Carol

    oh, what that music does to me ……..

  7. Carol

    …and I didn’t hear anyone say,” Hey, you’re going too fast. I can’t keep up !” Your mental connections in the band are very mysterious to me.


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