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Last night’s performance went well and I had a great time. The slide show might need fine-tuning, but it is working. The audience enjoyed the combination of guitar-playing, the visual imagery and the Q & A. I think it is a pretty original concept and it keeps getting better. I could not see the screens which are in the corners of the room, but Jon said there was plenty of nice synchronicity happening between the music and the visuals… ah, the brain always wants to make sense of things, find an order to things… so predictable and wonderful. I feel relieved, because it’s a totally new slide show and I am using a different program (((Apple’s Keynote instead of Adobe Lightroom))), but it is working well and, I think, creates a nice step forward.

Did not enjoy Caffe Greco on Columbus yesterday morning, so when Jon suggested a new place he found near the hotel I was ready. It’s called Blue Bottle and here is the page for the cafe, which is near the old mint just SoMa – South of Market. After a cappuccino we also had to try the siphon coffee – see this explanation I found on the interwebs. Very nice. And a nice show, something of a tea ceremony, but with coffee. Perhaps more chem lab than bamboo hut, but highly recommended.

Link to New York Times slideshow about this siphon bar. Blue Bottle sells a set up for $140, but amazon seems to have a similar siphon pot for about $50. And Matt, you can find lab coats here. You should be able to get the whole enchilada, siphon pot plus lab coat for around a hundred bucks. Hm, maybe you should also consider lab glasses to safeguard your eyes? Please do send a photo!!


  1. Brenda

    Thanks! Enjoying this sip of Friday Coffee! :)

  2. Matt Callahan

    The last thing I need is another coffee maker but that looks too cool. Of course, I’d want a lab coat to go with it.

  3. Brenda

    Wow! Loving that reflection in the photo! So cool!

  4. Boris

    Bodum has a simplified setup in its sortiment.


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