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Captured a timelapse of the evening sky on Wednesday. But the clouds had moved so fast across the sky that the video looked ridiculous. I deleted the images and video… should have kept it for a laugh.

Nice looking messenger bags:
Teamwork Bags- Bags from salvaged sails and tire tubes

Tried another timelapse tonight, candles burning down. I set the candles up in one of the candle carts… they burned longer than I expected and it is now nearly 03:00 in the morning. Good night.


  1. Brenda

    Good Morning. Nice nighttime lantern and candle light photos.

  2. Carol

    They are wonderful photos and they look great together….but please don’t forget to take care of your health, Ottmar.

  3. Vic

    So what settings were you using on your camera?

  4. Ottmar

    Vic: I am not sure. Might have been an ISO of 3200 or 4000 and an aperture of f1.4… hang on, I’ll look it up…

    Lantern: 1/25 sec at f/1.4, -2/3EV, ISO 3200
    Candles: 1/200 sec at f/1.4, -1 1/3EV, ISO 1000

    No noise reduction, just a couple of Adobe Lightroom adjustments.

    I mentioned the timelapse settings in the post with the video.

  5. Vic

    Love the look of the lantern image. Nikon or Canon?

  6. Ottmar

    Except for a Nikon I had in 1978 and 1979 I have always had Canon cameras. Nikon and Canon seem to be pretty equal, one year one is ahead and the following year the other. Since I have several Canon lenses I have stuck with them. Most of the images I have taken in the past year were taken with a Leica, but the M8 does not do as well in the dark as the Canon.

  7. Vic

    I’ve been a Canon user since 1982 when my father gave me an AE-1, which I still have. I’ve owned several medium format cameras and I currently have two Canon 20D, an EOS Elan 7 and several lenses including the awesome 70-200 2.8 L series lens.


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