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02009-06-11 | Music | 8 comments

I received a request for more live stuff, warts and all. With that in mind I found this live recording from 1993. It was recorded at Rockefellers West in Houston on October 27th. The band is the same group that recorded ¡Viva! in California the following year. Straight off the board.

Download the 320kbps file here.


  1. LindaW

    Thank you Ottmar!

    This is a delightful way to start the day!

  2. Matt Callahan

    What’s better than sitting down for morning coffee and enjoying a new downloadable song from the Friends page? Downloading 17 minutes of live goodness. I think I’ll listen to Borrasca and ¡Viva! today.

  3. Victor

    I realy like the early stuff I hope we can hear more. thanks Ottmar!

  4. Luz

    Regretably, I never caught a live performance at Rockefellers but a few years back, I did get a chance to tour the locale with a friend while she was making plans for a private party. Now, in my mind I can go back there while listening to this beautiful piece of music. Mil gracias Ottmar.

  5. Gerry

    Wonderful. The hands just fell off the clockface!
    I’m back in my late 20s again.

  6. Boris

    Viva and the Opium Tour DVD helped me through a lot of years of not being able to see you live in concert. Both magic. The DVD could have been 2-3 songs longer :) but your talking gave a whole new insight back then. Viva feels so hot and intense, like a summer night. Wonderful to hear some more recording from that time!

    P.S. Always liked the artwork of the Viva CD as well.

  7. Carol

    Yes, magic. That just melts me. No words could beegin to telll how it makes me feel.

  8. JMS

    Thanks OL. I really enjoy the music from the Viva years. Ottmar Friends is great. Many thanks! Cheers.


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