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Back in 2004 I wrote about hearing Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas play during the guitar festival in Tijuna. In 2006 he sent me a lovely live recording of guitar music, his own arrangements and adaptations of music Ñico Rojas had written for piano. Today I received this email from Ahmed:

Cuban guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas received two prizes at Cubadisco 2009, the most important award of Cuban Music Record Industry. His album debut paying homage to the late Ñico Rojas was awarded in the Best Instrumental Soloist & Best Instrumental Album categories. Cubadisco International Fair, founded in 1997 and organized by the Cuban Music Institute, is the most integrating event of the Cuban Music Industry and it constitutes a preferential space to expose the main achievements of Cuban Music. The winners of its 13th edition were announced in Havana on May 16, 2009.

Congratulations Ahmed!
His web site can be found here. More about Ñico Rojas here. Music samples here.

Found the album Plays Ñico Rojas on amazon!! Downloading now.

Morning Walk:

You can find these photos, and more than 10,000 others, on my Flickr. As a member of Ottmar-Friends you can download full-sized Jpegs of most of them. Read more about how to do that here.

And, here is something I noticed on Flickr. Not the kind of place I would frequent – this being more my kind of place – but interesting.

Woo Bar in W Hotel in Seoul, Korea.


  1. Ottmar

    That’s funny!!

    One or two visits are one thing, but frequenting a place implies repeat-visits and a certain familiarity, don’t you think? I would say that Maria’s is a place we frequent.

    Oops, just read the title “This is the kind of place I would frequent” above your Flickr pic. Ah well, I find it interesting, but… shutting up now.


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