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02009-05-24 | Music | 15 comments

My song Santa Fe is now twenty years old! This version was recorded for The Santa Fe Sessions but not released on that album. If you have seen us perform live you will recognize some of the extra bits and pieces…

You can download the 320 kbps mp3 file here.


  1. Kaz

    Monday Music: Santa Fe – It sounds more like twenty years YOUNG! I must say a beautiful version..There are some songs that remain ageless.Thank you Ottmar! I hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Boris

    It’s early Monday morning here, I’m just back from the bakery, the sun is shining, and the perfect song came along!

  3. Carmen Ortiz

    It’s about 7:30am EST…drinking a cup of coffee as I listen to the recording…soothing & beautiful….nice!

  4. Matt Callahan

    Jon really needs to bring the upright along on tour. Yes, I know what a pain it is to lug one around. I remember Emily’s concerts. But that sound….

  5. marijose

    The perfect antidote to the annual Rolling Thunder loud motorcycle event (= weekend-long noise pollution) here in DC. Thank you!

  6. Luz

    Speaking of Jon and the upright…will he be playing that beautiful instrument @Lensic?! ;-)

  7. Ottmar

    Glad you are enjoying the acoustic bass. Personally I think it is wonderful in really small, intimate venues – like last year’s performance at the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe – but nearly impossible for larger venues. I don’t see us touring with that monster again. But, never say never. If you want to hear Jon play the upright, he plays Wednesday nights at El Mason.

  8. michael h c

    Comfortably familiar, loved the sax and especially your work starting at 00:03:09. Just added a subwoofer to my computer speakers and Jon was definitely in my house.

  9. LindaW

    Thanks Ottmar,

    My first listen was last night right after the song was posted. It was accompanied by candle light and a wonderful thunderstorm. Absolutely perfect for the moment!

    I too love the upright bass and the depth it adds to a song. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Jon play on Wednesday nights and it is delightful!

  10. yumi

    Bright, lighthearted Santa Fe…perfect for Monday.

  11. Adam

    Always loved the live versions of this one :) Looking forward to listening to this.

  12. dave

    One of my favorites. Great song.

  13. Victor Hornback

    Santa Fe is probably my all time favorite OL song. You guys always rock it at your concerts! I really enjoyed the variations in this version – love it!

  14. Ottmar

    This year we are doing a new intro to Santa Fe. I am starting with the chorus melody and an arpeggio in Tangos rhythm and towards the end of the second round Stephen and Jon come in with a Rumba rhythm for the second half of that first chorus. Since the Rumba is faster than the Tangos, there is an interesting shift happening there. I haven’t listened to a recording of this yet and can’t tell what I think of it because I have to concentrate on watching Jon’s body language to see what the Rumba tempo will be.

  15. Brenda

    Not heard live – Not even for a year – Like the calling of the Sax? and your response as … Hey, just going to awe be Happy Sante Fe me.


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