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I finished reading Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson a couple of days ago and started on the newest Inspector Shan book, The Lord of Death.

Slept longer than usual and awoke feeling incrementally better than yesterday. Will take it easy today and cleared my schedule, except for a phone interview with Germany this afternoon.

Received a note from John Diliberto that Echoes will transmit today the recording we made at their studio at the beginning of the month. I haven’t heard it yet. Click here to find a radio station near you.

Dezeen » Blog Archive » Proposals for Florence by Gruppo Giovani Architetti Firenze
A new inhabited bridge over the River Arno in Florence is among proposals by Gruppo Giovani Architetti Firenze (Young Achitect Group of Florence) designed to provoke debate about architecture in the historic city.

Find more photos here. Wouldn’t that bridge be an amazing place to live! Anybody remember the William Gibson novel in which the Oakland Bridge had been transformed by squatters?


  1. Ulrich

    Yes, it would be nice to live in.
    But the bridge does not fit into the surroundings – there is too much provocation.

  2. panj

    Glad to hear you are feeling better…hopefully by tomorrow even besser!!!
    Love the idea of living on a bridge like that…but that particular conception is a bit ugly sitting there…i agree with Ulrich…too much in several ways…
    Keep Getting Well, Ottmar!

  3. Marsha

    Good idea to rest ~ hope you are better tommorrow.

  4. Carmen Ortiz

    Hope you are feeling better Ottmar so you can enjoy the remainder of the Memorial Day weekend!
    For me…the surroundings around the bridge is a little busy. I prefer a little more quiet. But, fun to stay in just for a long weekend or so.
    Feel better…from a fan forever!


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