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Sinnoveg is a French tree nursery and horticulture research center with a concept based on the planting of a hedge of thorny plants, weaved into each other and into metallic elements of reinforcement.

Pruned: Tactical Horticulture
According to Agence France-Presse, the company has planted “vegetation barriers around a nuclear research centre outside Paris, a juvenile detention centre, train stations and airports.” And now, they want to take their patented shrubs to Baghdad’s Green Zone and replacing its “vast network of concrete blast walls with terrorist-proof trees and bushes.”

To make the vege-walls more secure, “traditional barbed wire, tyre spikes, sensors and even metal barriers can be placed within the hedges – an invisible back-up layer of security sure to surprise any potential suicide bomber.”

To think that in my youth we would just squeeze through hedges without imagining them ever containing barbed wire or spikes…


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