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All I need is a laptop, the DAC2, and a headphone amp or a power amp plus speakers…

I traded in a D/A converter I wasn’t using in the studio for the Weiss DAC2, which arrived while I was away and which I just listened to for the first time. Oh my, what wonderful sound, rich and silky. I listened to “This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies” (24/96kHz), because the file was already on my laptop – and can be found here. During the next few days/weeks I want to do some serious comparing of different sound files.

I also decided that I will record my next project at 24/88.2kHz as the conversion to CD quality is very simple (((just divide 96,000 by 44,100 and then divide 88,200 by 44,100 and you will see what I mean!))) and the qualitative difference between recording at 88.2kHz and 96kHz should be negligible.

When my next album is finished (((and that will take a while as I haven’t even started…))) I will release 24/88.2kHz audio files for Ottmar-Friends. Hm, maybe I won’t wait until I am finished and will show some of the pieces in the rough.


  1. dave

    “In the rough” sounds nice, sort of like Tears In The Rain.

  2. steve

    “I traded in a D/A converter I wasn’t using in the studio for the Weiss DAC2”

    Cool … I am so envious…

  3. steve

    Do you use a Windows, Mac, or Linux based laptop with DAC?

  4. Ottmar

    Steve: MacBookPro


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